Soil Carbon Information Hub

A Learning Site for Soil Carbon Science

Welcome to the Soil Carbon Information Hub, a site for sharing and distributing information on soil organic matter research. Use the links below to obtain information on specific topics.

Soil carbon within the global C cycle

Dynamic role of soil and terrestrial ecosystems in the global C cycle

Primary controls on soil carbon development

Climate controls

Climate and soil development, geomorphology

Soil profile

Climate and plant distribution

Linkage to ecosystem services

Global carbon modeling

Biotic controls

Carbon fixation, partitioning, and allocation

Soil ecosystems

Microbial control of carbon flow

Secondary controls on carbon turnover

Conceptual - theory

Stabilization mechanisms

Physical protection of organic matter in aggregates

Mineral associations

Microbial accessibility

Quantitative methods

Chemical characterization of SOM (spectral analyses)

Isotopic characterization of SOM

Fractionation of SOM (biological, chemical, physical)

Scientific Process

Scientific Method and hypothesis testing

Big data - how it can be used to solve problems

Observations and SOM theory

Partitioning of SOM stocks (methods, models, theory)

Models of SOM dynamics

Problem-based questions - case studies


SOM storage capacity, carbon saturation


Drivers of change in SOM stocks - loss and gains

Soil health

Soil C contribution to soil health and climate change mitigation

Bridging the gap

Big data and ag, what is out there and how to bridge